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How Important Are Your Processes?

by | Oct 17, 2020 | Design, Development, Marketing, Validation

Systematizing major aspects of your business is crucial. It will give you great ease-of-mind to know that there are repeatable processes in place. Procedures allow you to focus on scaling your business, and make it easier to focus on delivering higher quality services to clients and customers. Systems and processes might not allow you to work less. But, they will certainly increase how effective your maximum effort is. 

Standardizing WynHouse Software’s prospect → client process is one of those things that happened quickly and out of necessity. The amount of work required to build strong systems and procedures is daunting. But it is crucial to many aspects of your business. Over the last few weeks, Frankie, Matt, and I have built up sales, marketing, and accounts receivable procedures that can be applied to all of our businesses. In this update, I talk about our new procedures, the pain points that pushed us to implement them, what we did to build them, and some of the tools we used along the way. 

Drawing It All Out

To map out all of the steps between a first interaction with us and starting a project with the team, we used draw.io. When drafting a development or business process, I always go to draw.io first. It’s lightweight and simple, making it perfect for quickly working out an idea in good old whiteboard-flowchart fashion. After we were happy with the high level design of our sales processes, we simulated them using GERU. GERU is a funnel simulating tool that allows you to pin down accurate budgets and strategies for optimal digital marketing campaigns. 

Lead Generation Process

We’ve made automated systems, drafted email sequences, crafted sales letters and sales videos. We’ve written whitepapers, blog posts, and deployed landing pages. We’ve built up our digital marketing strategy and took time to develop a referral system. All to bring our audience closer to the action. Our content is geared to educate, inform, and connect. When it comes to creating branded and designed documents like whitepapers, sales letters, and reports we utilize Adobe InDesign and Joe English’s expertise.  

Follow-up Process

Then we crafted a follow-up strategy, building the foundation for communication with our potential and soon-to-be clients. With the current state of the world, communication and keeping in touch is crucial. While working from home, it is easy to become disconnected and overlook small details from your day-to-day. Personally, I try to keep track of everything in my head. When I realized HubSpot’s free CRM and MailChimp work well in tandem, I stopped spinning my wheels trying to remember everyone that I owed an email to. Lifesaver. 

Sales & Closing Process

Okay, they’re sold. Let’s book the job, and send out a contract! We needed a system for this too. Clients have paid us on CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, credit card, using cash, via check, and wire. Matt and I have even dug a check out of a bush in the front yard of our house. This disconnected system better describes an organized crime group’s accounts receivable patterns. Not a software startup. We’ve standardized our accounting and invoicing procedures through QuickBooks Online and immediately wondered why we didn’t do it right away.  

Now that we have great systems in place to streamline these processes in our business, we have more time to focus on the kick-ass projects we get to do for our clients. Don’t worry, we still check the money-bush regularly!

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